Code Blue Project

The Code Blue Project is designed to provide overnight shelter when the temperature is below 26 degrees or excessive precipitation is predicted. Volunteers sign up for a specific job and date through the volunteer hub website. If " Code Blue" is called, volunteers are notified by email. The volunteers need to arrive at the Code Blue Host site at the scheduled time for their position and each host site will have a site coordinator.

Some examples of volunteer jobs include set up and preparation, intake staff to welcome guests and assist with paperwork, hand out bedding and direct guests to meal and sleeping areas, overnight staff to make guests feel safe and comfortable, meal staff to prepare and serve light evening meals and breakfast foods, as well as drivers to pick up homeless guests and transport them in the morning.

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Volunteers will be required to take a 2 hour training seminar and have a background screening check, before they can volunteer. Drivers will need an additional training.