Frequently Asked Questions

How many homeless usually come to the shelter?

On average we have anywhere from 15 up to 25 guests on any given night that we open the shelter.

What is the criteria to decide when to open the shelter?

CSSH opens the shelter when the weather is predicted to be 26 degrees or colder due to temperature or wind chill and if severe weather is predicted.

What is it like at the shelter?

The guests come in and retire almost as soon as they finish eating. The shelter is very quiet and the guests are contented to be able to lie down and sleep.

How many volunteers are required to operate the shelter?

There must be 14 volunteers to staff the shelter in various shifts throughout the night.

What happens if there are not enough volunteers to open the shelter?

The shelter will not open if the volunteer slots are not filled by Sunday at 9 pm for Monday - Thursday shifts and Thursday by 9 pm for Friday - Sunday shifts.

Can you sign up for two consecutive slots?

Yes, you can sign up for two slots. For example, you can sign up for the first and second overnight shift consecutively on the same night.

Can I bring something to do at the shelter?

Yes, quiet activities, which the volunteer can do during the night shift, are allowed.

What happens if the roads are too dangerous to travel on?

If a volunteer cannot get to the shelter they need to call the Shelter Manager On-Call as soon as possible so that a ride or alternate volunteer can be found.